Do Your Best!

Why join Scouts?

As a worldwide brotherhood, Scouting is unique. It is based on the principles of loving and serving God, of human dignity and the rights of individuals, and of recognizing the obligation of members to develop and use their potential. It is a movement dedicated to bringing out the best in people. Cub Scouting doesn't emphasize winning as an end result, but rather the far more demanding task of doing one's best.

When Scouting can help nurture courage and kindness and allow children to play, to laugh, to develop their imaginations, and to express their feelings, then we will have helped them grow. We want children to become useful and stable individuals who are aware of their own potential. Helping a child learn the value of their own worth is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

So what are some benefits of Scouting?

  • Scouting is fun!

  • Scouting has ideals.

  • Scouting strengthens families.

  • Scouting helps children develop interests and skills.

  • Scouting provides adventure.

  • Scouting has an advancement plan.

  • Scouting creates fellowship.

  • Scouting promotes diversity.

  • Scouting teaches duty to God and Country.

  • Scouting provides a year-round program.

  • Scouting is a positive place.


  • 7/11/2018

    Pre-Camp Meeting, 7 pm at Rehoboth

    Informational meeting for parents for Day and Overnight Camp.

  • Summer Camp Documents

    Documents for summer camp can be found by clicking the link below. Documents include medical forms, camp information, and the FBI alternative document. Camp Documents.

  • 7/18 - 7/20

    Day Camp, Camp Baker

  • 7/27 - 7/29

    Overnight Camp, Camp Agawam

  • 8/25/2018

    Pack Picnic, Ambridge Sportsmen's Club

    Picnic, fishing, and fun! Time TBA.